Project Management

We offer outside Project Management. For more, please contact us. read more
Designing of IT Tools

We suggest implementation of our innovative idea, that will help you to manage and control the costs better, to avoid faulty calculations and costing, and to rationalise circulation of financial information in the undertaking. There are various types of software, integrated systems and systems like MRP II (Manuf ... read more
EU Funds

WiP Consulting Wojciech Podolski Company would like to offer You complex support for the project in the area of European Union grants or other public aid funds. Firstly, the possibility of getting grant in general is analysed and then we help to choose an optimal funding program. On the basis of our knowledge in ... read more
Latest News
New EU money for Poland is comming -do not miss it
11 July, 2015, 00:16:19
Make your organisation ready to apply.
Over 100 billion € for Poland from the new EU budget
09 December, 2013, 14:15:19
On the 19th of November the European Parliament voted for the next European Union budget for 2014-2020. The new budget as the first in the EU's history will be smaller than the previous. However, Poland, as one of the few EU members, will actually receive more funding this time around - about 105,8 billion € for Polish companies, research institutions, muncipalities and others.
Last chance for innovative projects funding from the EU
04 November, 2013, 10:48:03
A new call for applications has been announced by the PARP (the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development). As part of Operating Programme Innovative Economy 4.4. enterprises qualifying as small or medium can receive funding for innovative projects. The call lasts to the 29th of November. There will be 500 million PLN to distribute among companies in total at a funding level of 70% at maximum.
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